Yourefolio with Scott Huff (CEO) | E61

Effective online estate discovery and planning.


In this 61th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host conducts an interview with Scott Huff, the CEO of YourEfolio, an estate planning software platform to assist financial advisors facilitate the transfer of assets. Scott Huff shares his background in financial services and how it steered him in the direction of establishing YourEfolio, a company he has been active with now since March 2015.

Show Notes:

● 01:03: – YourEfolio is a premium estate planning software that benefits advisors,

clients, and attorneys

● 01:46: – Being a financial planner since 2001 is what pushed Scott into YourEfolio

● 03:08: – How does YourEfolio interact their advisors and their clients

● 04:32: – What is the service doing for clients online

● 09:57: – Estate planning is a relationship business that has an effect on legacies

● 10:32: – What has been the feedback from financial advisors

● 12:14: – What is the value proposition of YourEfolio

● 14:45: – How have lawyers been responding to YourEfolio

● 16:35: – Yourefolio helps attorneys create and edit documents electronically to

save time

● 20:01: – Clients are getting more educated and understand the costs involved in


● 22:22: – The market is a means to an end, not the means itself

● 23:34: – What is the price point on YourEfolio

● 24:40: – What types are integrations have been built into the software

● 26:34: – If Scott could change one thing in the industry, what would it be

● 27:04: – What has been the biggest challenge that Scott has faced when building


● 28:16: – What keeps Scott Huff excited and motivated

3 Key Points:

1. YourEfolio settles estates from the tangible asset side as well as on the digital asset

exposure end.

2. The gamification module is a confidential survey given to client family members to

understand what things mean the most to who.

3. It’s a losing proposition to not evolve.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “Our system is professional-driven, it’s client driven.” – Scott Huff.

- “The most challenging aspect of estate planning is knowing where everything is at,

and what they have.” – Scott Huff.

- “There are two reason you buy software, it streamlines your practice or it makes you money. We hope to make you money. Obviously, streamline your practice is part of it. But we want you to get ROI on it.” – Scott Huff.

Resources Mentioned:

● Facebook – @fintechimpactpodcast

● LinkedIn – Jason Pereira’s LinkedIn

● YourEfolio – Website for YourEfolio

● LinkedIn – Scott Huff’s LinkedIn