Wealthica with Simon Boulet (President & CEO) | E82

Investment account aggregation and making working with multiple accounts simple.


In this 82nd episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host interviews Simon Boulet, Founder and CEO at Wealthica. Wealthica is an investment aggregation platform that allows you to consolidate all of your different investment accounts in one easy-to-use platform with intelligence and triggers that help you to make better actionable decisions. Learn how this company was started and the value it has to offer. 

Episode Highlights: 

● 01:25: – Simon Boulet defines Wealthica. 

● 01:53: – What was the reason Simon started Wealthica? 

● 04:39: – How did Simon start tackling the value proposition of Wealthica? 

● 06:59: – What are the feature sets that Wealthica is offering? 

● 10:55: – How does Wealthica monetize? 

● 12:25: – How does Wealthica work on the transaction side? 

● 13:46: – What is the cash drag alert? 

● 17:24: – What was the driving factor for the Google Sheets add-on? 

● 20:59: – What are Simon Boulet’s opinions on open banking? 

● 31:51: – What would Simon Boulet change in his business or in his industry? 

● 33:45: – What has been the biggest challenge in his business? 

● 35:22: – What is the most exciting thing Simon Boulet is working on? 

3 Key Points 

1. Wealthica built their own backend from scratch and can connect to financial institutions to receive data. 

2. Wealthica’s dashboard is free but they monetize in three ways: paid ad-ons, a white-label version, and selling the use of their engine to others. 

3. Financing and having remote employees have been challenges. 

Tweetable Quotes: 

● “Wealthica is a pre-dashboard for investors to see all of their investments in a single passport.” – Simon Boulet 

● “We built Wealthica from the ground up: multi-currency, multi-language, with all the Canadian subsidies.” – Simon Boulet 

● “We are really building from the investor side of things. We are trying to simplify things.” – Simon Boulet 

Resources Mentioned: 

● Facebook – Jason Pereira’s 

● LinkedIn – Jason Pereira’s 

● FintechImpact.co – Website

● LinkedIn –Simon Boulet 

● Wealthica.com – Website