Vision Systems with Michael Curtis (CEO) | E67

Accurate planning for individuals, corporations, and trusts.


In this 67th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host conducts an interview with Michael Curtis, President of Vision Systems. Vision Systems is a Canadian-based financial software corporation that is capable of performing full and comprehensive financial planning for individuals, businesses, and trusts. Jason and Michael’s discussion covers what Vision Systems is capable of handling, the difference between dynamic and static planning, and how the software is able to mold to the client.


● 00:34: – Michael Curtis explains Vision Systems and how it got started.

● 03:48: – Does Michael see a lot of larger firms viewing financial planning as a loss leader?

● 06:30: – Which types of financial plans can Vision Systems handle?

● 07:41: – Most of the software in the United States and Canada are goals-based.

● 10:08: – Jason and Michael discuss the difference between dynamic and static systems.

● 13:57: – What are the driving considerations in the development of the software?

● 15:27: – What is the advantage of taking into consideration the entire family?

● 16:17: – Why is multiple-generation planning so critical?

● 19:21: – Does Michael feel that Vision Systems goes too far sometimes in the add-ons?

● 22:47: – What does Vision Systems do on the portfolio side of things?

● 25:00: – Michael explains what Vision Systems has created on the reporting end.

● 26:56: – What future software releases can be expected?

● 28:20: – What would be something Michael Curtis wishes he could change in his company?

● 30:27: – What has been the biggest challenge in getting Vision Systems out into the marketplace?

● 34:42: – What excites Michael Curtis the most about Vision Systems?

3 Key Points:

1.Integrating the terms of wills into financial predictions are critical for between 40-50% of the population.

2. The national divorce rate in Canada is around 40% and millennials have the

lowest divorce rate of any generation.

3. The planner’s area of expertise is their financial tactics and the client’s area of

expertise is their values and wants in life.

Tweetable Quotes:

● “We produce financial planning software. In my opinion, it is the most robust and also the most accurate software in Canada.” – Michael Curtis

● “Our software is what I refer to as ‘dynamic.’ It is a true-life model, and the database is one where literally you can change any entry year-by-year.” – Michael Curtis

● “We actually integrate the terms of wills into the financial forecast, and I consider this to be totally overlooked in the industry.” – Michael Curtis

Resources Mentioned:

● @Fintech_Impact - Facebook

Jason Pereira - LinkedIn

Michael Curtis – Linkedin – Website for Vision Systems