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Corl with Sam Kawtharani (CEO) | E52


Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, explores a royalty lending model with Sam Kawtharani, CEO of Corl. Corl is a company targeting the lending space with a new royalty model. They look for cash-heavy, asset-light companies to invest in with their model. On top of lending, Corl is moving the needle in business analytics and Security Token trading.

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Coinberry with Andrei Poliakov (CEO) | E46

Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, speaks with Andrei Poliakov, CEO of Coinberry. Coinberry is breaking the barriers to enter the cryptocurrency market. They offer the best rate and no fees which encourages people to dabble in crypto. Andrei shares what life is like inside of a start-up and the challenges he faces in this groundbreaking agency.

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Blockchain Panel with Jason Pereira, Kyle Kemper, and David Hayes | EP39

During the 39th episode of the Fintech Impact podcast, Jason Pereira(award-winning  financial planner, university lecturer,  writer), Kyle J Kemper (Executive Director and Chief Strategy Director of the Blockchain Association of Canada), and David Hayes (Technology Brokers International) discuss the phenomenons of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The three put forth their view of the cutting edge investments and leave us with revolutionary takeaways. The trio help demystify the complexity of both Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

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