Systelos with Jad Chehlawi (CEO) | E76

Empowering better client relationships through dynamic communication.


In this 76th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host interviews Jad Chehlawi, CEO of Systelos. Systelos is a platform for improving advisor and client communication and collaboration as well as providing intuitive feedback to improve client development and experience. Jad explains the objectives and benefits of Systelos, how the fear of change affects the industry, and how financial advising can improve. 

Episode Highlights: 

● 00:37: – Jad Chehlawi explains what Systelos is all about. 

● 01:21: – How did Jad evolve from a financial advisor to a fintech owner? 

● 03:57: – Which trends are driving the need for technological changes? 

● 06:42: – Coaching behavior gets clients towards having a real financial plan. 

● 10:32: – What is the importance of positive feedback loops? 

● 11:34: – Which three elements are coalescing within the dynamics between clients and advisors? 

● 13:13: – What problems does Systelos solve? 

● 16:05: – How does Systelos handle communications? 

● 22:00: – How can digital become a tool that enriches the in-person interaction? 

● 26:27: – How is financial planning becoming a team sport as an industry? 

● 33:03: – Change is not easy even though it is the only constant in life. 

● 36:26: – What are systematic things that should be automated? 

● 40:39: – If there is one thing that Jad could change in his business or in the industry what would it be? 

● 42:05: – What is Jad’s viewpoint on giant companies entering the fintech space? 

● 44:33: – What has been the biggest challenge that Jad’s company has had? 

● 46:47: – What makes Jad the most excited everyday? 

3 Key Points: 

1. The role of a financial advisor is to be an objective set of eyes on a subjective situation and help clients create the right tradeoff for the impact they desire. 

2. Advisors need to create a positive feedback loop with their clients and an understanding of what is working in that relationship. 

3. 50% of Canadians don’t have wills set up. 

Tweetable Quotes: 

● “Systelos is a platform that is enabling advisors to shift their value proposition from only managing investments to inspiring actions that create more wealth, more wellbeing, and a bigger social impact for clients.” – Jad Chehlawi 

● “Technology is commoditizing investment advice. But this should never happen to human relationships.” – Jad Chehlawi 

● “The real value I create is not communicated on an investment statement. It’s when I have this meaningful conversation that transforms the way that someone behaves with their money, and transforms their life.” – Jad Chehlawi 

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