Shield Financial Compliance with Shiran Weitzman (CEO) | E53

Aggregating all forms of communication into a next generation compliance platform.


Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, and writer, talks with Shiran Weitzman, CEO of Shield FC. Shield FC is a data aggregation platform that is enabling faster communication with clients and faster flagging of compliance issues.

Show Notes:

● 0:45 - Shield FC is integrating communication into a next generation compliance platform

● 4:28 - The company connects electronic communication with trade communication

● 6:30 - One of the biggest contributions of this platform is the regulatory aspect

● 8:45 - The platform shows the importance of data aggregation and normalization

● 10:38 - How the platform interacts with APIs

● 11:54 - Every vendor has a proprietary format

● 16:45 - The value of the data is the aggregation and correlations, not any advice per se

● 18:40 - Machine learning is incorporated to tag financial compliance issues within the platform enabling a new age of financial compliance in the industry

● 22:25 - How the differing country regulations change the communication platform per country

● 24:46 - The software is allowing companies to avoid reputational loss and reinforce ethics

● 26:09 - Why there needs to be a much more open ecosystem in finance and why collaboration needs to be encouraged by regulators

3 Key Points:

1. Shield FC is creating a platform that is changing the way financial compliance and the

communication thereof takes place.

2. The platform aggregates several different sources of data into once place, correlates them,

flags compliance issues, and touts consumer and investor protection.

3. The platform is enabling all the data to be seen in once place with machine learning to

change the compliance environment. The platform is on the edge of making the traditional manual process of compliance checks obsolete.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “Clients choose to communicate in whichever way is most convenient for them.” –Jason

- “There is a new wave of electronic regulation right now. We [Shield FC] are addressing

this structure.” – Shiran

- “Consumer protection and investment protection is a part of it.” –Shiran

- “ePrivacy is GDPR on Steroids” - Shiran

Resources Mentioned:

● The Fintech Impact Podcast

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● Refer to Jason Pereira ́s Linkedin for Information about the Fintech event

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● The Shield FC website