Quick Estate with Melissa Best (CEO) | E42

Enabling faster estate settlement through better digital organization.


During the 42nd episode of the Fintech Impact Podcast, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, welcomes Melissa Best, CEO and Founder of Quickestate. After 32 years as a money manager, Melissa leveraged her knowledge to create a tool to make estate settling easier for families. Quickestate is the company that resulted. It is a company that provides the software which allows for an easy estate settling process. The tool supports advisors in giving the best support to their clients and allows the information to be presented in an organized, actionable way. Melissa and Jason discuss the intricacies of settling an estate and how Quick Estate eases the settlement process.

Show Notes:

● 1:00—Quick Estate is a tool that allows people to organize their estate before disaster struck

● 1:50—Melissa was a money manager as well as a portfolio manager for estates. The estate process was so painful for families.

● 3:00—With do it yourself technology, Melissa empowered clients to easily take care of the estate.

● 3:55—As the population ages, managers start getting more questions from clients. Many customers find themselves in the role of executive with no idea where to start.

● 4:50—Quickestate is targeting advisors and other professionals.

● 5:20—The response rate from advisors about the software has been great.

● 6:00—Advisors are now able to give customers a better, holistic service thanks to Quickestate.

● 7:00—If you have never been an executor of an estate, it can be a difficult role to navigate.

● 9:00—Quick Estate helps organize, provide directions, and prevent conflict when settling an estate.

● 13:40—It is important for the executor to know personal information, location of original legal documents, and assets and debts inventory.

● 17:10—Quick Estate allows the executor to show up prepared and organized which reduces fees with the accountant substantially.

● 19:50—All the advisors pay a basic licensing fee for the software or more if you are using a do-it yourself or concierge model.

● 23:40—The spinoff benefits to the clients are excellent.

● 24:52—Consolidating assets is also possible once you have the tool to see everything holistically. The tool can provide visibility to a lot of new opportunities

● 26:00—One of the biggest challenges is trying to find the right developer to produce the right software.

● 28:30—Melissa hopes more advisors see the difference this tool will provide their clients.

● 28:50—Melissa has a passion for creating ease for families needing to settle an estate.

3 Key Points:

1. Settling an estate can be an intricate process that encompasses many steps. The process can last as long as two years.

2. Quickestate is a company that provides software to promote an easy and successful estate settling process.

3. Currently, the software is sold to advisors allowing them to support their clients more thoroughly through the process.

Tweetable Quotes:

-  ̈Most estates take a minimum 2 years to settle .” –Melissa

- “Managing the money is the executors most important job. ̈–Melissa

- “The two problems for executors are not knowing where to start and procrastination.” – Melissa.

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