Liquidity Marketplace with Thomas Schickler (CEO) | E37

Creating an online marketplace for Fortune 1,000 companies to peer to peer lend to each other.

During this 37th episode of the Fintech Impact podcast, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host interviews Thomas Schickler, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Liquidity Marketplace. Liquidity Marketplace is a platform that will allow and enable Fortune 1000 businesses to lend to other Fortune 1000 businesses for their liquidity needs—at a lower rate and a more efficient experience.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

● 00:58 – Clients of Liquidity Marketplace include Fortune 1000 companies, banks,

and non-bank financial businesses.

● 01:17 – Thomas Schickler spend nearly 30 years in transaction banking at HSBC,

JP Morgan, and CITI Bank.

● 03:29 – Liquidity Marketplace is launching, first in the United States, the ability for

its clients to borrow and lend from each other.

● 05:31 – Businesses typically face all-in costs of 15-45 extra base points.

● 07:01 – The fourth quarter in 2018 will involve trades with pilot clients.

● 07:22 – They have experienced some struggle in getting corporate treasurers to try

the service.

● 10:20 – Liquidity Marketplace is launching in the United States in the fourth quarter

of 2018.

● 12:15 – They will launch in Europe, the UK, and Asia, and will add asset classes.

● 15:35 – Liquidity Marketplace is currently a team of seven people.

● 18:00 – In the last two years that they have been in business, the main obstacle

has been not being able to move as fast as they would like—with

fundraising requiring a lot of time.

● 22:23 – Thomas Schickler is most excited about proving a meaningful proposition

for constituents.

3 Key Points:

1. Liquidity marketplace enables its clients to borrow and lend from each other.

2. Liquidity Marketplace makes money by charging the issuers for a corporate-to-

corporate transaction in 10 base points range.

3. The community of clients at Liquidity Marketplace includes courageous early adopters

and very large companies that are interested but are waiting to see how it works out

for others first.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “We’ve (Liquidity Marketplace) set out to transform liquidity markets for institutional

clients. By institutional clients I’m referring to Fortune 1000 companies, banks, and

non-bank financial companies.” – Thomas Schickler.

- “The institutional liquidity space, from a fintech perspective, is like a sleepy

backwater.” – Thomas Schickler.

- “It’s the regulatory and legal due-diligence we have to do which will be our primary

costs as we look to expand.” – Thomas Schickler.

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