Ledn with Mauricio Di Bartolomeo (CEO) | E55

Enabling bitcoin lending.


Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, speaks with Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, CEO of Ledn, about how he is changing the financial landscape with bitcoin. Ledn is accepting bitcoin as an asset and uses it to create an even lending playing field.

Show Notes:

● 0:45 - Mauricio Di Bartolomeo is the CEO of Ledn. Ledn is a bitcoin lending company.

● 1:07 - The company provides services around digital assets

● 2:57 - How Mauricio’s Venezuelan roots affected how he saw digital assets

● 5:31 - How bitcoin can help the economy of Venezuela

● 7:00 - Volatility is relative. In Venezuela, Bitcoin is more stable compared to their currency

● 10:32 - Why the focus tends to be on the evil rather than the justice of Bitcoin

● 12:00 - Bitcoin as a means to lending and how Ledn started

● 13:34 - There was nobody around that would accept digital assets and Ledn saw that as a big problem

● 14:20 - Bitcoin is an asset and should be considered as such

● 15:29 - How to use Ledn’s bitcoin platform for a loan

● 19:20 - Ledn offers the best rates

● 28:00 - US regulators and bitcoin - the future of digital currency regulation

● 30:18 - Understanding the market of bitcoin

● 32:00 - The challenges presented by Venezuela and the importance of bitcoin to its economy

● 39:56 - Digital assets allows all clients to be treated as one despite the disproportionate distribution of resources around the world

3 Key Points:

1. Ledn is making bitcoin an accepted asset for giving loans.

2. The company is creating an even financial playing field for people around the world.

3. Ledn shows the good bitcoin can offer the world rather than focusing on the injustice.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “Banking was no longer available to the average person in Venezuela.” –Mauricio

- “This technology [bitcoin] can have a deep impact on people who are living in these type of

regimes [like Venezuela].” – Mauricio

- “I like how this phenomenon is making people ask what money is.” –Mauricio

Resources Mentioned:

● The Fintech Impact Podcast

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● Refer to Jason Pereira ́s Linkedin for Information about the Fintech event

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