KOHO with Daniel Eberhard (CEO) | E51

Reinventing banking to benefit consumers.


Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, sits with Daniel Eberhard, CEO of KOHO. KOHO is a company that develops tech solutions to make the financial sphere more user friendly.

Show Notes:

● :30 - Introduction of Koho and CEO Daniel Eberhard

● 1:30 - KOHO is a company focused on creating financial tools that make the banking experience more user friendly. The tools essentially sit on top of the secure bank’s back-end allowing KOHO to focus on the UX.

● 2:00 - The set-up of Koho allows the platform to be more client focused

● 2:30 - Daniel was inspired by the archaic banking structure of Canada

● 4:45 - Banks are disinsentified to provide a better, cheaper service and platform

● 6:15 - The two things banks must have to be successful

● 8:16 - Koho user experience from discovery to use

● 10:00 - How KOHO gives users a rich insights into their financials

● 11:34 - The tools also help you set financial goals. The create a spendable balance alerting you on how much you have. It is essentially individuals future cash flow - something not generally calculated for individuals.

● 12:52 - KOHO is also increasing the amount of money saved by Canadians.

● 16:00 - KOHO establishes trust by ensuring they do not sell people products they don’t need.

● 19:44 - The bank on the backend of Koho is People’s Trust

● 20:00 - How Canadian regulation could affect banking and the Koho platform

● 22:20 - Future features offered by KOHO

● 26:32 - There are certain things that if you start consuming them your lifestyle dictates your need to stay in a certain job

● 29:10 - The major obstacle was developing the relationships with the banks

● 30:30 - How KOHO is moving the needle for Canadians

● 31:07 - Daniel wished Canadians would hold their banks to a higher standard

3 Key Points:

1. KOHO is a company that is changing the user experience for the banking space through


2. KOHO focuses on improving the user experience while a bank focuses on the back end.

3. KOHO is making it easier for people to track their finances and create financial goals.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “KOHO is what's called a neo-bank what that means is we sit on-top of banking

infrastructure and then we create everything else.” –Daniel

- “How do we listen really well to the customers and how do we move really fast. These are

the two values that create better value for our users.” – Daniel

- “The money sits with People’s Trust and we [KOHO] sit on top of that infrastructure.” –Daniel

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