The Unified Wallet with Kyle Kemper (Author) | E47

A conversation on crypto and the future of blockchain.

Summary: Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, speaks with Kyle Kemper, Author. The two discuss crypto and the future of blockchain.

Show Notes:

● :30— Introduction of Kyle Kemper, Author, thought leader, and consultant in the Crypto space

● 1:30— Kyle’s bitcoin awakening and what he has done since then to progress blockchain

● 2:36— What is possible when we have a single place to store our digital assets

● 3:33— Through our phones, we can capture a lot of different things - gps, data, locations. There is a big opportunity to also store our digital unified wallets.

● 6:19— How Kyle got to do a two hour demo of crypto purchasing for Canadian CEOs and Mayors

● 10:00— We operate in a society with a lot of technology welfare--facebook is free, Google is free

● 11:00— How aspiration and reality can skew data

● 12:30— Unlocking the Golden Age with a unified wallet

● 13:40—The unified wallet can be used for health applications, voting applications, implications around security and redundancy, and access rights.

● 14:50— It is important that we have stewardship of this crypto technology and pioneer it in a responsible way.

● 16:21— Data rights are some of the most contentious rights right now and how blockchain will change or hinder the space.

● 17:30— Why compliance tends to be another important issue for blockchain.

● 18:00— How are financial incumbents dealing with the arrival of blockchain startups.

● 19:53— It is really hard for large incumbents to be on the forefront of this area.

● 22:50—Why banks make things difficult not to further blockchain but instead to create an obstacle for the area’s growth.

● 24:00— How the big six banks could be hurting the crypto space.

● 26:00— Why now is a good time to start getting into the crypto space

● 28:20—Insidious agents are a huge obstacle for the blockchain space right now. Deceit and dishonesty associated with some scam wallets are causing mistrust to flourish.

● 29:14—There are people exploiting the super insecure nature of the wallets right now. Be wary.

● 30:14—The blockchain space is going to free a lot of people from tedious monotonous processes.

● 32:14—There is the opportunity to move past a labor based society--based on hours and minutes.

3 Key Points:

1. There is a lot of potential for blockchain to make a lot of tedious processes obsolete.

2. For this technology to be universal, we need it to be open sourced. For this, we need a

digital unified wallet.

3. This solution needs to be pioneered without deceit. Blockchain can be a solution or the problem if it isn't done right.

Tweetable Quotes:

-  ̈Bitcoin solved how do we have digital cash. Blockchain technology will solve how do I

create secure digital cards” –Kyle

- “Where is all of this going to lie? There is a need for an open digital wallet” – Kyle

- “There are other considerations, like what do we do with children? They have birth

certificates and data.” –Kyle

- “To make this universal, it has to be open sourced.” –Jason

Resources Mentioned:

● The Fintech Impact

● Itunes to access the podcast

● Refer to Jason Pereira ́s Linkedin for Information about the Fintech events

● Kyle Kemper

● Book: Unified Wallet: Unlocking

● Woodgate Financial