Fintech Trends in Accounting with Jason Pereira (Host) | E49

Recorded at the Greater Toronto Area Accountants Network Conference: Fintech, and how it’s revolutionizing our relationship with money.


Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, speaks at the Toronto Area Accountants Network Conference: Fintech, and How it is Revolutionizing our Relationship with Money. Jason highlights a variety of different technologies that are changing the way we do business and making many heavy-lifting tasks obsolete. For a taste of the financial future, don’t miss this episode.

Show Notes:

● :30 - Introduction to the conference Jason will speak at.

● 1:00 - How technology is changing the financial and accounting space allowing more interaction with clients.

● 1:40 - We will talk about different technologies: The cloud, API, Data Aggregation, Big Data, and Blockchain.

● 5:50 - How big data is enabling new sales in asset management.

● 9:00 - The most useful application of blockchain is the obsolescence of reconciliation.

● 10:20 - Is there a reason transaction and accounting software can’t be integrated.

● 11:15 - Accounting softwares now integrate directly into payroll software.

● 11:38 - API information can feed back into the accounting software.

● 12:55 - There is a company that can store all of your statements in one place.

● 13:49 - Your financial statements can now be turned into dynamic graphs and actionable data. All of it is displayed in real-time.

● 14:55 - Communication and collaboration improves all experiences.

● 15:38 - Technology exists that is changing the way financial collaboration happens.

● 17:44 - Core is a way businesses can raise money.

● 20:43 - Quick Estate lets you settle your estate online.

● 24:34 - Security is another area that will be evolved by technology.

● 27:34 - Squarespace and Wix are allowing people to have gorgeous websites at a low cost

● 30:00 - A new way to schedule a meeting. Artificial Intelligence and booking software are reducing the time you spend scheduling clients.

3 Key Points:

1. Technology is changing the face of the financial and accounting industries.

2. There are a number of technologies within the cloud, API, Data Aggregation, Big Data,

Blockchain, and administrative tasks that are cutting down the time we spend doing certain tasks.

3. If the industry does not adapt, it will be the dinosaur left behind.