Future Crunch with Dr. Angus Hervey (Co-Founder) | E78

How broad technological trends are changing the world.


In this 78th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host interviews Dr. Angus Hervey, Co-Founder of Future Crunch. Future Crunch is a company that looks at the impact of technology on our changing world. Dr. Hervey breaks down the ways that technology as a tool, a blueprint, and a process has accelerated human evolution in areas of communication, energy, and health. 

Episode Highlights: 

● 00:43 – Dr. Angus Hervey defines Future Crunch. 

● 01:12: – What is Dr. Hervey’s educational background and how he started Future Crunch? 

● 04:57: – How does technology throw money wrenches into economics? 

● 08:51: – Dr. Hervey discusses the progress of technological changes. 

● 12:16: – How has communication been impacted by technology? 

● 17:15: – What are the major evolutions in energy? 

● 22:36: – Dr. Hervey discusses the healthcare sector technological revolutions. 

● 29:37: – What have been the technological advances in finance? 

● 31:33: – What exactly is network effect? 

● 33:50: – Smaller financial advisory firms don’t need the same amount of data as tech giants. 

● 34:34: – We are in a data economy now. 

● 38:25: – What has been the biggest challenge for Dr. Hervey in his business? 

● 40:20: – What is most exciting for Dr. Hervey? 

● 43:00: – What would Dr. Hervey change in his business or in his industry, what would it be? 

3 Key Points 

1. Dr. Angus Hervey thinks of technology in three parts: a tool, a blueprint, and a process. 

2. Humanity’s progress is due to technological innovation in three areas: how we communicate, where we get energy and how we use that energy to move around, and how we take care of ourselves. 

3. More than 2 billion people globally identify as gamers. Four of the most valuable sports tournaments in the world are digital gaming tournaments. 

Tweetable Quotes: 

● “Future Crunch is an organization that explores what’s happening on the frontiers of science and technology, and our job is to help people’s understanding out there, so they can be better prepared for what’s coming down the line.” – Dr. Angus Hervey 

● “Solar itself employs something like 250,000 people. I think coal supports 60,000 now in the United States.” – Dr. Angus Hervey 

● “If we don’t get to zero carbon by 2050...we burn.” – Angus Hervey 

Resources Mentioned: 

● Facebook – Jason Pereira

● LinkedIn – Jason Pereira 

● FintechImpact.co – Website

● Angus Hervey – Linkedin 

● Future Crunch – futurecrun.ch