Future Tech today with Jason Pereira (Host) | E50

Cool implementations of next gen technology.


Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, speaks about the future of finance. As he celebrates the 50th episode of this podcast, Guest Host Guy Anderson talks to Jason about the six key technologies that will alter the future of finance. Tune in to see where 2019 will take finance.

Show Notes:

● :30 - 50th Episode celebration!

● 1:00 - New website and brand being launched soon

● 1:14 - Guest Host Guy Anderson

● 2:00 - Artificial intelligence and the basic use cases that are trickling into the financial services industry

● 4:00 - AI is dictating notes with a client and highlighting actions with the client

● 5:46 - AI enabled robo advisors ability to create analyst report

● 7:20 - How artificial intelligence is getting rid of many administrative jobs

● 8:30 - Differentiation between artificial intelligence and algorithms

● 9:00 - The bar keeps getting moved higher and higher for artificial intelligence. Siri for example.

● 10:00 - How augmented reality is entering financial services

● 12:30 - Virtual models now allowing us to pivot real-time

● 13:45 - Geolocation allowing apps and software to tap into location everywhere

● 15:00 - You can opt in to allow the bank to have your geolocation. The bank allows the bank to provide value for your life

● 17:20 - Why opting in is an important part of this development of technology

● 19:30 - Siri is basic and what is going to happen is going to be more functional

● 20:16 - How voice control is going to be used in financial services and voice recognition is used for security control

● 23:56 - Data aggregation is the ability to draw all your information into one place. Mint.com was the pioneer in this space.

● 30:45 - Automatic spillover to the savings account transfers

● 32:30 - How financial services will start to be able to give proactive nudges

● 33:18 - Data aggregation can be done on a individual level as long as you have access to the data

● 35:20 - The piece of data that is missing from all platforms

● 36:16 - How data aggregation will change the way we do taxes

● 38:51 - Data aggregation has a lot of opportunity in the future to make our lives more efficient

● 39:43 - How fitness tracking will affect your insurance rates

3 Key Points:

1. With the new year upon us, Jason celebrates the 50th episode of this podcast as well as six key technologies of the future.

2. Jason shares how artificial intelligence, geolocations, fitness tracking, data aggregation,

augmented reality, and voice control will change the face of finance in 2019.

3. Technology will only make processes more efficient and allow us to do things easier

(Think: taxes in real-time).

Tweetable Quotes:

-  ̈You can dictate your notes to AI and it will highlight all your action items and delegate

them for you.” –Jason

-  ̈Geolocation, many applications, can tell where you are physically.” – Jason

-  ̈They can create better credit scores because they can look at your behavior financially. ” –Jason

Resources Mentioned:

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