Four Eyes Financial with Lori Weir (CEO), Kendall McMenamo (CTO) & Jeff Harvie (HSG) | E59

Enabling better digital discovery and communication between clients and advisors.


Host Jason Pereira interviews the leadership team of Four Eyes Financial, a data discovery tool used by brokers and dealers to help gather information and transform their businesses from transaction based to relationship based. The group discusses their integrative approach, dynamic tools, customization, and future plans in the industry.

Show Notes:

● 0:55 - Introduction and background of Four Eyes Financial

● 2:35 - Transactional vs. transformational approach

● 3:55 - The process of the tool

● 6:11 - The advisor aspect of the process

● 7:15 - Still rolling out the tool, but have discovered two issues

● 8:22 - A new way to approaching the client portal

● 9:27 - Still working out details about ownership

● 12:10 - The group explains the transparency of accounts

● 13:30 - They explain the dynamic tools that clients can use on their sites

● 14:58 - How they layer solutions

● 17:18 - Integration vs. innovation. Staying one step ahead of competition.

● 19:07 - Their biggest shock entering the industry was the “dirty” data

● 20:30 - The various views of the platform

● 22:15 - Focused on independent dealers

● 24:19 - The degree of customization

● 27:20 - Future plans for the tool

● 30:55 - The consultative approach is new for this field

● 32:42 - Their ultimate goal is to help people feel understood

● 33:30 - The ability to scale up

● 34:44 - The team discusses what they would change in the industry

● 36:58 - They discuss the biggest challenges and talk about “being first” vs. “being right”

● 40:01 - The group talks about archaic technology

● 43:40 - They explain what gets them each excited about their business

3 Key Points:

1. This is a dynamic new tool that takes a transformational approach.

2. Integration is more important than innovation.

3. Making sure everything “right” is much more important than being “first”.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “Risk is important and performance is important but how those two things combine to

affect me achieving my goals is really what’s most important.”

- “You only need to be one step ahead. What is key is not being the most innovative but

being the most integratable.”

- “We don’t believe in keeping a custom-build for each client. Our framework is our framework. We push the same framework out to everybody. Everyone gets the same toolset and you choose which ones you want to turn on.”

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