Female Funders with Jill Earthy (Head) | E75

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In this 75th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host interviews Jill Earthy, Head of Female Funders, powered by Highline BETA. Female Funders is an organization that helps coach and educate women on making private investments in venture capital start-ups and venture capital deals. Jill shares what inspired the organizations, the strides and impact it is making, and goals that it has to make in the playing field of investments more equitable for women.

Episode Highlights:

● 00:53: – Jill Earthy explains what Female Funders is all about.

● 01:29: – How did Female Funders get started?

● 03:29: – Where are the female founders that they service coming from?

● 05:08: – How does the education component of Female Funders work?

● 06:53: – What was the reason for bridging the gap?

● 09:06: – How does investing typically work?

● 10:51: – Where do a lot of the deals come from?

● 12:39: – How much deal flow has Female Funders been seeing?

● 13:47: – What has surprised Jill Earthy the most about Female Funders?

● 15:01: – What sort of stages of the deals tend to occur?

● 16:46: – How have the attitudes of those taking the program evolved after completing it?

● 18:03: – What type of growth has Female Funders experienced thus far?

● 18:46: – How is Female Funders funded?

● 19:39: – What has the feedback been like?

● 20:05: – What are the larger goals for the organization?

● 22:05: – If there was one thing Jill Earthy would change in her business or her industry what would it be?

● 22:30: – What is the biggest challenge that Jill has encountered?

● 22:57: – What gets Jill Earthy up in the morning and excited?

3 Key Points:

1. Only 2.2% of venture capital is going to women founders.

2. The main personas that female funders services are senior leaders in large organizations, technology leaders, entrepreneurs, and wealth management.

3. In Canada, 17% of angel investors are women and a little over 20% are women in the United States.

Tweetable Quotes:

● “Female Funders is an education program for female leaders across North America from different sectors who have a curiosity about investing through angel investing or in the venture capital space.’” – Jill Earthy

● “After five years, with women-led businesses, there is a 20% more revenue growth..” – Jill Earthy

● “Success for us is seeing more women participate in writing checks and influencing investment decisions.” – Jill Earthy

Resources Mentioned:

● Facebook -Jason Pereira’s

● LinkedIn -Jason Pereira’s

● FintechImpact.co -Website

● Linkedin -Jill Earthy