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Digitizing the estate planning experience.


In this 87th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host interviews Jordan Atin, Founder of E-State Planner. E-State Planner is an online platform that allows for the collaboration and creation of estate plans and estate planning documents for advisors and lawyers. Jordan talks about the platform's AI-based guide for advisors and how this planning software allows the advisor to focus on advising and less on technicalities. 

Episode Highlights: 

● 00:31– Jordan Atin explains the E-State Planner platform. 

● 01:24 – Jordan shares the history of how E-State Planner got started. 

● 01:47 – The foundational problems in the traditional system 

● 02:34 – From Whiteboard scribble to a digital program. 

● 04:20 – The initial experience of using E-State Planner. 

● 05:15 – The advantage of visualizing the data on the fly. 

● 06:27 – Defining the 3:2:3 Model of estate planning 

● 08:26 – The planning process in E-State Planner 

● 10:37 – The advantage of the AI helping adisor through the process. 

● 14:40 – What E-State Planner generates to benefit the client. 

● 16:35 – The future of E-State Planner and integration. 

● 17:53 – The advantage of customizing macros. 

● 20:01 – The bigger picture for E-State Planner 

● 21:35 – How to combat the fear of technology. 

● 25:34 – What would Jordan change in his business or in his industry? 

● 26:39 – What has been the biggest challenge in his business? 

● 28:48 – The ease of use and updating what the platform allows. 

● 30:33 - What excites Jordan about what he is doing right now. 

3 Key Points 

1. E-State Planner takes the traditional system and automates the key processes to make the process incredible. 

2. The ability to allow clients to visualize their estate planning and understand it more completely is invaluable. 

3. E-State Planner allows the advisor to focus their attention on the client and not as much on the technicalities of drafting the will. 

Tweetable Quotes: 

● “We are collecting all this data, why not turn this into a digitized format.” – Jordan Atin 

● “The value that we add is on the advice side. It's the experience, it's the emotional connection, it's the communication. That's where advisors add value.” – Jordan Atin 

● “It's so cool for me to take what I do and be able to do in such an efficient manner.” – Jordan Atin 

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