ENACOMM with Stacey Zuniga (VP Financial Services) | E86

How your voice will power your service experience. The future of voice response through Siri, Alexa, and Google.


In this 86th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host discusses IVR with Stacey Zuniga, Vice President of Financial Services at ENACOMM. ENACOMM is a leading provider of innovative, interactive, and intelligent customer-service and assisted-service solutions. This conversation explores many possibilities for the future of voice banking and voice command. 

Episode Highlights: 

● 00:28: – What is the history of ENACOMM and what is the company doing now? 

● 02:44: – Let’s talk about some of the previous interfaces for IVR. 

● 02:57: – Zuniga describes the evolution from touch-tone to speech recognition to speech-enabled IVR. 

● 04:39: – What kind of questions are you dreaming up for Alexa to respond to? 

● 05:06: – Zuniga describes using multi-modal interactions and more complicated commands. 

● 06:49: – Pereira discusses integrated smart home systems and IVR. 

● 08:42: – AI is a cottage industry where growth is outstripping supply in terms of people. 

● 09:58: – They compare AI to the crypto industry. 

● 11:14: – They discuss how children are growing up in a world with smart systems and voice commands. 

● 12:57: – How can this technology be normalized? 

● 14:44: – How can you overcome security considerations and user objections? 

● 18:24: – Zuniga describes the possibility of a secure authentication cloud that travels with you while integrating biometric data points. 

● 22:00: – If you had one wish that would change your industry, what would it be? 

● 23:26: – What was the biggest challenge getting the company to where it is today? 

● 25:15: – What excites you most about what you’re working on? 

3 Key Points 

1. ENACOMM is currently producing cutting-edge AI-enhanced voice services and engagement services. 

2. ENACOMM sees the world with IVR as a multi-modal world. 

3. There’s huge potential for using voice services in security and authentication applications. 

Tweetable Quotes: 

● “We’re able to take that type of technology where it’s contextual, it’s dynamic, it’s personalized, it’s based on what you usually do." – Stacey Zuniga. 

● “This platform can be used to ensure security for everyone.” – Stacey Zuniga. 

● “That’s what’s exciting today, it to see this technology being adopted more quickly or more rapidly over the next 24-36 months.” – Stacey Zuniga. 

Resources Mentioned: 


● Stacey Zuniga LinkedIn