dv01 with Perry Rahbar (CEO) | E80

Better Bond Data and Analytics


In this 80th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host interviews Perry Rahbar, CEO and Founder of dv01, a data management, reporting and analytics platform that brings transparency and insight to lending markets to help them become more efficient for institutional investors and safer for the world. 

Perry shares how dv01 began, their various tools including market surveillance and portfolio management options, and how the financial industry will benefit. 

Episode Highlights:


●     00:32 – Perry Rahbar defines dv01.

●     01:54: – How did Perry get started with dv01? 

●     05:36: – Where is the data being sourced?  

●     07:06: – What does dv01 offer to make financial planner’s lives easier? 

●     09:53: – Perry explains the market surveillance and portfolio management 

                          tools that are available.  

●     15:04: – Online lenders get a lot of flack for having poor performance but 

                          they are very accountable in real-time. 

●     16:53: – Perry and Jason discuss the transparency dv01 provides and the 

                          problem with basic spreadsheets. 

●     22:13: – What would Perry Rahbar change in his business or in his 


●     23:52: – What has been the biggest challenge for Perry in his business?

●     27:43: – What is the most exciting thing Perry Rahbar is working on?

3 Key Points

1. dv01 has loaded up the credit risk transfer universe in the Fannie Freddie world which is a $1.8 trillion market. 

2. One of the biggest growth drivers at dv01 has been what they have done in securative reporting called a loan data agent.

3. Perry wishes capital markets would have an interest in being more forward-thinking and get past the status quo mindset.  



Tweetable Quotes:

●  “dv01 is the first end-to-end data management, reporting, and analytics platform in the lending market.” – Perry Rahbar

●  “I think where we differentiate ourselves from any other vendors in the space is really that focus on low-level data and making it super accessible and web interface where people can really answer their own questions.” – Perry Rahbar

●  “We have a data surveillance off-market surveillance offering which is the whole consumer universe, all the different originators being able to access performance on that.” – Perry Rahbar


Resources Mentioned:

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