D1g1t with Dan Rosen (CEO) | E43

Bringing institutional asset management, risk, attribution, and planning tools to the retail market.


During the 43rd episode of the Fintech Impact podcast, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, sits with Dan Rosen, Co-founder and CEO of D1g1t. They discuss how D1g1t is improving the digital wealth managment side of advising. D1g1t is creating a tool that streamlines and desegments financial advising. The impact is huge.

Show Notes:

● :30—Introduction of Guest Dan Rosen, Co-founder and CEO of Digit.

● 1:00—Digit is a new digital wealth management platform.

● 2:16— Digit bridges the gap of lack of client-facing tools.

● 4:20—The tool doesn ́t replace advisors but instead add value to the current human advisor.

● 6:25— Of the three most important life questions, two of them are purely financial.

● 9:00— Dan ́s experiential background from chemical engineering to alchemy. He shares how he arrived where he is today.

● 13:30—The UI and UX of Digit is equal to none. It is a revolutionary product.

● 14:47— If you find a true need, people will tell you what their painpoints are. All you need to do is listen.

● 18:15— Digit allows financial advisors to have everything in one place. historically, the advising data and information is fragmented.

● 19:20— Digits allows advisors to streamline and make their processes easier.

● 20:00— The advisor claims that if they have the Digits platform they will take higher targets.

● 21:10—Understanding your household is can make a huge impact on your planning.

● 25:10— Automated solutions will fail in market volatility situations. Clients still need to talk to an advisor to figure out changes in portfolio.

● 27:18— Financial education is still an important pillar to make the tool successful.

● 28:40— Clients need to see your value.

● 29:25— Clients need to know the context of the overall goal.

● 34:30—No one builds something on their own. It is all about the team.

● 37:10—Our tools have a direct impact on people, and that is a huge change in the industry.

● 38:26— Dan gets excited about hte power of math has to change people ́s lives.

3 Key Points:

1. D1g1t is a digital wealth management tool having a huge impact on the FInancial Advisng industry.

2. The tool allow clients and advisors to see all the analytics and client information in one place. For a largely segmneted industry, this has a huge impact.

3. The tool isn ́t replacing advisors but rather allowing them to streamline their processes and hit higher targets.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “No one builds something on their own. It is all about the team.” –Dan.

- “I think financial advisors are going to provide much, much better service and tools to

their clients when using analytics, and using good analytics, but not using analytics blindly.” – Dan.

- “I look at the look at everything we do in life is being part of Mac the math, you know, the recorder I'm on right now. They tend to be a watch tonight. It's, you know, once you appreciate that, it's everything comes back to the numbers.” – Jason.

Resources Mentioned:

● The Fintech Impact

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● Refer to Jason Pereira ́s Linkedin for Information about the Fintech events

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