Coinberry with Andrei Poliakov (CEO) | E46

Bringing crypto currency to the masses.


Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, speaks with Andrei Poliakov, CEO of Coinberry. Coinberry is breaking the barriers to enter the cryptocurrency market. They offer the best rate and no fees which encourages people to dabble in crypto. Andrei shares what life is like inside of a start-up and the challenges he faces in this groundbreaking agency.

Show Notes:

● :30— Introduction of Andrei, CEO of Coinberry.

● 1:00— Coinberry is a solution to knock down the barriers to enter the crypto market.

● 2:00— We believe in the future of cryptocurrency so we want to give people the ability to enter into it.

● 2:33— Coinberry is a platform where users can buy and sell cryptocurrency from the comfort of your cell phone. Essentially bringing cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

● 3:19— Andrei started in the tech space.

● 5:00— Blockchain was always an interest for Andrei.

● 6:00— The idea for Coinberry was born out of the attempt to settle a restaurant tab that a group of several nationalities wanted to settle. Quickly, the group discovered how difficult it was to buy cryptocurrency.

● 8:00— Coinberry focuses on two cryptocurrency: bitcoin and etherium.

● 8:30— It is not an exchange platform. Coinberry provides the best linnet cryptocurrency—a retail-esque service.

● 10:00— Bitcoin has gone up and down significantly this year. The company is set up so that they are separated from the risk of the volatility. The platform simply buys and sells for the client they do not hold.

● 14:00— The final version of the platform was launched in May 2018 with extremely positive reception.

● 15:08— Bitcoin relies on paper for backup or USBs for cold storage.

● 18:00— The platform removed all the fees from investing. Your money is fully your money to invest.

● 20:00— Coinberry creates a winning proposition for clients. They get them the best price of the spread and profit from it.

● 21:00— Many exchanges charge such a large amount to move and store clients crypto.

● 30:00— The paying infrastructure in the US is outdated and a lot of the current systems date back to the ‘60’s.

3 Key Points:

1. Currently, there is a huge barrier to enter the cryptocurrency market.

2. Coinberry creates a platform solution to allow people to dabble in cryptocurrency.

3. Many companies charge a large fee to move and store your currency and Coinberry offers

an advantage for users to move currency at a low cost.

Tweetable Quotes:

-  ̈Our goal is to make it easier for people to dabble in cryptocurrency.” –Andrei

. - “Will bitcoin still exist a year from now? Who knows, but our company is

positioned in a way that it will not necessary affect us.” – Andrei.

-“Coinberry is a solution to knock down the barriers to enter the crypto market.” –Andrei

- “Start-up life in general is difficult whichever industry you are in.” –Andrei

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