CacheFlo with Stephanie Holmes-Winton (CEO) | E54

Helping advisors better advise clients on how to better manager their cash flow.


Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, speaks with Stephanie Holmes Winton, Founder and CEO of CacheFlo. CacheFlo is a fintech company focused on giving advisors and clients what they need to manage their cash flows. Built off of psychological proof and Stephanie’s experience helping people manage money, CacheFlo is a real-world approach to helping people change their habits with money and manage their spend holistically.

Show Notes:

● 0:45 - CacheFlo is a tech company focused on providing expert level advice and tools to companies to inform them about their cash flow

● 2:51 - The principles Stephanie used to create CacheFlo

● 3:30 - People make good money but didn’t know where the money was going

● 3:45 - The technology Stephanie created gives her clients tools to alter their behavior and create good habits when it comes to money and their cash flow

● 4:45 - How to change the way people spend money

● 6:42 - Why Stephanie decided to create software

● 11:00 - The customer and advisor experience with CacheFlo and how it works

● 15:16 - The main goal of CacheFlo is to reduce the fears and difficulties to manage finances

● 18:00 - Cacheflo frees up up to $2,500 a month for many clients

● 18:43 - The question CacheFlo answers is “How” to put a successful financial plan together

● 21:38 - Nothing is the same from one moment ot the next. Rather than micro managing small tasks, CacheFlo prescribes a holistic spendable number. The client can then choose where to spend that money.

● 28:00 - The software also finds client’s money that can be spent

● 32:00 - How CacheFlo creates a financial health score that is built off of reality

● 37:20 - The challenges of being a lone founder

3 Key Points:

1. Many people make plenty of money. That is not where people get into financial trouble.

the problem is people don’t know how they spend their money.

2. CacheFlo is a real-world tech solution that helps people know their financial limits.

3. It is more powerful to manage a holistic number rather than micro-budgeting different

areas of life. CacheFlo helps people get to their monthly spend number.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “We are in this to prevent money from hurting people.” –Stephanie

- “You think you know what everyone wants but you don’t know until you know.” – Jason

- “The market isn’t what they say, it is what they do.” –Stephanie

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