Cascades with Jonathan Kestle (VP) | E58

Effective retirement income planning software.


Host Jason Pereira interviews Jonathan Kestle, an Advisor with Casades Financial Solutions Inc. which is a company specifically focused on financial accumulation and retirement income calculation. Kestle explains why the Cascades’ software has been and will be extremely helpful for the retiring population.

Show Notes:

● 0:38 - Introduction of Cascades Financial Solutions - a retirement income calculator

● 1:54 - Kestle explains the history of the company and his background working there

● 5:30 - He talks about how to use the Cascades software

● 8:10 - He explains why strategy matters

● 10:10 - People often forget about the estate tax

● 10:55 - Kestle explains why best practices need to be adjusted to meet current needs

● 13:00 - As the boomer generation starts retiring, Kestle wants to make the Cascades software readily available

● 14:06 - Kestle describes the output of the Cascades software

● 17:05 - Cascades provides a chart explaining which money comes from which account

● 18:30 - Kestle talks about how this process can be counterintuitive and scary

● 19:50 - The vast majority of retiring Canadians aren’t getting the proper advice

● 20:33 - Times are changing in the world of financial and tax advice

● 22:07 - Kestle explains that he can make changes alongside clients and show immediate results

● 23:20 - Kestle wishes that his industry had a more formal mentorship program

● 23:46 - He describes the largest challenge to the process of growing his business

● 24:48 - He talks about what gets him excited about his company and future steps

3 Key Points:

1. Cascades Financial Solutions focuses specifically on income calculations for retirement.

2. Timing and strategy really matters when it comes to retirement financial planning.

3. Many retiring citizens are not getting solid advice, and Cascades wants to provide this advice.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “Usually you solve for the maximum income first...and then you can go back in and solve

for the level income.” - Jon

- “Life cannot be summed up by rules of thumb.” - Jason

- “Best practices are great, but best practices change.” - Jon

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