Cappitech with Ron Finberg (Product Specialist) | E68

Big data meets compliance reporting.


In this 68th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host conducts an interview with Ron Finberg, Product Specialist at Cappitech. Cappitech is a company that assists international financial companies that deal with reporting complex issues stemming from global regulations. Learn what Cappitech is capable of doing during this discussion with Ron Fineberg.

Episode Highlights:

● 00:48: – Ron Finberg explains Cappitech and what they do.

● 01:59: – How did Cappitech get started?

● 05:20: – What is the regulatory challenges that Cappitech solves?

● 08:15: – What types of challenges are often faced to compile data?

● 09:42: – How does the Cappitech platform format work?

● 10:55: – Which areas does Cappitech service?

● 12:27: – What is coming out of extreme data dumps?

● 15:09: – How does the end-user experience unfold?

● 17:20: – What has been the reception from the clients that Ron has been dealing with?

● 21:39: – What would be something Ron Finberg wishes he could change in the industry?

● 25:09: – What has been the biggest challenge in getting Cappitech out into the marketplace?

● 29:33: – What excites Ron Finberg the most about Cappitech?

3 Key Points:

1. I.T. people and legal compliance people have to work together to deal with regulatory organizations.

2. Problem-solving questions that Cappitech asks include: Where is the data coming from? Is it enough data to comply with what the regulators need? Is there data that Cappitech can find?

3. Compliance people can view where their problems are and what is getting rejected by regulators.

Tweetable Quotes:

● “I think what the European regulators are finding out is that there is a lot of information that they can’t use, just because they didn’t expect it to be received in a certain way, and it is...and there is no use for it all.” – Ron

● “Our main user would be a compliance or operational officer at an investment firm.” – Ron

● “There is always something new to be able to scale to, which is a nice area of the place we’re in, and one of the reasons we attracted certain types of investors into our company.” – Ron

Resources Mentioned:

● @Fintech_Impact -  Facebook

Jason Pereira - LinkedIn

Ron Finberg – Linkedin – Website for Cappitech