Breathe Life with Ian Jeffrey (CEO) | E62

Enabling direct to consumer and advisor driven insurance sales.


In this 62nd episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host conducts an interview with Ian Jeffery, CEO and Co-Founder of Breathe Life, a software service platform that drives traffic to insurance carriers websites and advisors. Ian also shares how Breathe Life helps to complete direct-to-consumer sales of life insurance policies and how he addresses the advice gap in the insurance industry.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

● 00:42: – How can Breathe Life benefit the industry

● 03:14: – What made Ian get into this business

● 06:42: – What does Breath Life do for clients

● 10:08: – How does Breathe Life address the advice gap

● 13:41: – Breathe Life works through MGAs and carriers, not through advisors

● 14:08: – What is an example of a carrier they have worked with

● 15:42: – What is some of the stuff they are learning from the analytics

● 18:51: – How has the feedback been on Breathe Life so far

● 24:00: – If Ian had one wish for his business, what would it be

● 24:38: – What has been the biggest challenge the company has had

● 25:56: – What energizes Ian to keep going

3 Key Points:

1. Breathe Life has two paths: the advisor path and the organization path.

2. Breathe Life prospects people for their clients based on keyword selection and

marketing effort.

3. Develop your own deep niches.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “70% of our sales on the direct-to-consumer platform are on mobile.” – Ian Jeffery.

- “Every advisor can have their own personally-brand page.” – Ian Jeffery.

- “Technology should be an enabler of what this industry has been doing, not a

disrupter.” – Ian Jeffery.

Resources Mentioned:

Fintech Impact – Jason Pereira’s Facebook

LinkedIn – Jason Pereira’s

LinkedIn - Ian Jeffrey

@ianmtl – Twitter for Ian Jeffrey – Website for Breathe Life