Asset Map with Adam Holt (CEO) | E65

Dynamic visualizations of the clients financial life.


In this 65th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host conducts an interview with Adam Holt, the CEO of Asset-Map. Asset-Map is a powerful online visualization tool that helps financial advisors, as well as clients, get aligned with each other. Adam shares the road that brought him into creating this service, how Asset-Map provides tangible value, and what changes Adam believes need to take place to improve the industry.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

● 00:30: – What kind of financial software program is Asset-Map

● 01:03: – How did this journey towards Asset-Map roll out

● 02:17: – Which elements are included in the Asset-Map visualizations for clients

● 07:20: – You have to show a client that you know them, their needs and solutions

● 09:59: – What does the customer experience of the product look like

● 13:21: – What kind of goals-based planning module is Asset-Map

● 15:03: – What has the advisor and client feedback been like with Asset-Map

● 18:42: – Which types of integrations are possible with Asset-Map

● 20:15: – Stop getting stuck in the exact details of the ever-changing data

● 22:17: – Explain what is happening in terms that the client can understand

● 24:40: – Advisors need to manage and project the client’s expectations

● 25:13: – What would Adam Holt want to change in the industry

● 28:23: – Which issues have been challenges to Asset-Map’s growth

● 29:40: – What keeps Adam Holt excited about what he is doing with Asset-Map

3 Key Points:

1. The 5 things to capture on an asset map are legal entities, cash flows, assets,

liabilities, and insurance policies.

2. Asset-Map has essentially created an easily digestible info-graphic around a client’s


3. The three basic expectations of consultants: prove that you know your client, you’re

your client’s situation, and know their options.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “We’ve been focusing a lot on, ‘how do I make the advisor look better?’” – Adam Holt.

- “There are so many people trying to lead with advice, they’re mistaking the research,

and the guidance, and the analysis stuff as actually the product of what the customer is really paying for.” – Adam Holt.

- “We already have now, enterprise-level results, for multiple years, that advisors using

Asset-Map are actually making more revenue than those that don’t, by a significant measure.” – Adam Holt.

Resources Mentioned:

● Facebook – @Woodgate_Financial

LinkedIn – Jason Pereira’s LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Adam Holt – Website for Asset-Map