Advisor Websites with Nitesh Verma (Director of Marketing) | E64

Compliance enable advisor websites.


In this 64nd episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host conducts an interview with Nitesh Verma, Director of Marketing and Enterprise Solutions at Advisor Websites. Advisor Websites operates as a platform that enables financial advisors to publish attractive and compliant websites. Nitesh shares the ways that Advisor Websites can improve business access and referrals for financial advisors, the integration capabilities of their services, and he points out the reasons why some advisors make the mistake of avoiding websites.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

● 00:27: – What is Advisor Websites’ origin and what problems is it trying to solve

● 02:34: – Advisor Websites is like a Squarespace or Wix for financial advisors

● 03:32: – Nitesh Verma started in sales at Advisor Websites

● 05:07: – What are the price points for Advisor Websites’ services

● 09:04 – Which tools currently integrate with Advisor Websites

● 09:40: – How does the process roll out for a client using Advisor Websites

● 12:42: – What are the key reasons that companies or business professionals need


● 14:27: – Your first impression these days is your digital presence

● 15:41: – A lot of firms miss out on generating their own referrals

● 16:36: – What flows through between Redtail and Advisor Websites

● 17:54: – How does the integration with social media platforms work

● 19:40: – Search engine optimization is an available add-on service

● 21:13: – What options are Advisor Websites not offering at the moment

● 24:32: – Nitesh shares a story about what he learned at an industry conference

● 26:42: – What are the biggest trends that clients are asking of Advisor Websites

● 29:43 – Why are some financial advisors so against getting a website

● 34:48: – If Nitesh could change one thing about the industry what would it be

● 35:37: – What has been the on-going process of expanding Advisor Websites

● 37:02: – What gets Nitesh Verma excited about working for Advisor Websites

3 Key Points:

1. The broker dealer market has been a big part of Advisor Websites’ client base

because of their built-in compliance system.

2. Without a website, how will your business get more referrals or have customers take

you seriously?

3. Videos can be used for emails, your website, social media, and are great for referrals.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “We are a website-building company, and we specifically work with financial advisors

in the U.S. and Canada. We have a proprietary platform with compliance in-built to help advisors market themselves.” – Nitesh Verma.

- “Digital marketing, I think a big mind-set is ‘let’s get leads, let’s get leads,’ getting you

business. But, it is also actually converting those referrals.” – Nitesh Verma.

Resources Mentioned:

● Facebook – @FintechImpact

LinkedIn – Jason Pereira’s

LinkedIn -  Nitesh Verma – Website for Advisor Websites