AdvisorStream with Kevin Mulhern (CEO) | E79

Omni channel client communication and prospect marketing.


In this 79th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host interviews Kevin Mulhern, CEO and Co-Founder of AdvisorStream, an omnichannel online management tool to help advisors to communicate and market to their clients. Kevin shares information about how AdvisorStream works and provides value to advisors, how AdvisorStream can provide targeted content, and ways to benefit from their newsletter and content from world-class publishing partners. 

Episode Highlights: 

● 00:28 – Kevin Mulhern defines AdvisorStream. 

● 02:28: – What does the tool look like and how does it work? 

● 05:23: – How does AdvisorStream differ from other media management tools? 

● 08:09: – What else does AdvisorStream push out to as an omnichannel tool? 

● 12:16: – What are the average email open rates and click-through rates in the financial services industry? 

● 14:30: – What are some of the complaints and resistance that AdvisorStream gets from advisors? 

● 15:00: – Lack of communication is the biggest reason why clients leave advisors. 

● 18:17: – We are prewired as human beings to resist change. 

● 19:02: – What type of return-on-investment can AdvisorStream offer users? 

● 22:46: – What is the on-boarding time for the advisor? 

● 23:41: – Engagement is important for getting new business from online business. 

● 26:00: – What would Kevin change in his business or in his industry? 

● 28:52: – What has been the biggest challenge for Kevin in his business? 

● 31:53: – What is the most exciting thing Kevin Mulhern is working on? 

3 Key Points 

1. For newsletters, AdvisorStream can link to related content from their supply of partners and your clients or prospects won’t be sent to a paywall. 

2. AdvisorStream creates consumption profiles on every client that an advisor has to accurately provide targeted content. 

3. Email open rates are only just over 21% for the financial services industry. The click-through rate is only 2.59% that are actually reading something. 

Tweetable Quotes: 

● “We work directly with publishers. That makes us unique, where there are no other solutions anywhere today.” – Kevin Mulhern 

● “The newsletter piece is different. Its an outbound digital channel. You control when you send it. You control what’s included. You control what your clients and prospects are going to see.” – Kevin Mulhern 

● “If your clients don’t have a great experience and the content is not really current, about three or four days current, they’re not going to share it with their networks, creating new leads.” – Kevin Mulhern 

Resources Mentioned: 

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● – Fintech Impact 

● Linkedin -Kevin Mulhern

● -AdvisorStream