Twenty Over Ten with Samantha Russell (CMO) | E69

Empowering advisor marketing though better websites.


In this 69th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host conducts an interview with Samantha Russell, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Twenty Over Ten. Twenty Over Ten is a company that assists advisors with marketing and consulting for their business, along with intuitive websites that are easy to manage with a compliance backend. Samantha shares how Twenty Over Ten was started, the marketing problems that they provide their client's solutions to, and the common reasons why many advisors either succeed or fail at digital marketing.

Episode Highlights:

● 00:36: – Samantha Russell explains Twenty Over Ten and how they help advisors.

● 02:44: – What was one of the driving forces for Twenty over Ten getting created?

● 05:22: – How has the RAA market differed from the BD space?

● 07:34: – What are the unique value propositions that Twenty Over Ten offers?

● 12:47: – Do they look for performance on a global level to see what the best practices are?

● 17:21: – Jason shares a story from earlier in his career at a dealership conference.

● 18:24: – It is all about content marketing and sharing free information.

● 19:12: – Besides marketing, what other ways are Twenty Over Ten helping people?

● 22:17: – What is one thing that Samantha wishes could be different about her business?

● 23:05: – What has been the biggest challenge to date for Twenty Over Ten?

● 25:51: – What are some of the website conversations like for those that claim they don’t need them?

● 28:03: – For less than $100-a-month clients can benefit from the expertise of Twenty Over Ten.

● 34:58: – What about Samantha’s job makes her excited to wake up in the morning?

3 Key Points:

1. Twenty Over Ten’s value propositions include a built-from-the-ground-up platform, a user-friendly system that doesn’t restrict your content, educational assistance and help with onboarding.

2. The problems with websites not getting leads are typically not having a call-to-action, not being optimized for basic search engine optimization, and they didn’t have language specific to their audience.

3. Successful websites generally have a schedule once option, very niche-specific language, include video in their marketing, and offer an “as featured in” page with logos of media outlets where their advisor has been featured.

Tweetable Quotes:

● “We always say you need to write your content to be problem-solution-based.” – Samantha ● “Your challenges sometimes are also your biggest blessings because I think we did have an outsider’s perspective so we could see things very differently than people that have been in the industry forever.” – Samantha

● “If you aren’t moving forward, you are moving backwards.” – Samantha

Resources Mentioned:

● Facebook – Jason Pereira’s

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● Samantha Russell – Linkedin

● Twenty Over Ten Blog – Blog for Twenty Over Ten