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Fintech Impact
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The Exploration

The Fintech Impact Podcast is an exploration of the fintech world, where we interview fintech entrepreneurs about their stories, what they do, and what their impact is on consumers, incumbents, and the industry is as a whole. In recent years, the world of financial services has gone from slowly adopting new technologies to becoming one of the top funded venture capital sectors in the world. Around the world, trillions of dollars are going into funding countless startups that seek to change the way we move, manage, track, spend, and act with money. While many fintechs seek to disrupt this space, others are looking to replace bankers, brokers, planners, and other incumbents. Others seek to enable the existing parties, increase efficiencies, lower costs of operations and deepen their relationships with clients. Who are the friends and foes of existing players? What will their impact be? Listen with us as we find out.


Jason Pereira (the host)

I have many diverse interests but, three of the biggest have always been finance, technology, and entrepreneurship. These three areas (and a curious mind) have led me to reach out to several fintechs over the years in order to better understand their goals, and how I could leverage them in my own practice. 

After listening to several Fintech podcasts I realized that no one was talking to consumers or advisors about how this rapidly growing industry is going to change our everyday relationship with money.

That is why I started this podcast. 


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